Update from Osa Eden #12

In one of my previous CR updates, I reflected on the definition of extraordinary.  That is, every day here on the Osa Peninsula you have the opportunity to see something really special that you’ve most likely never seen before.  That happened again this past week both in the Rainforest as well as on the water.

Mike Kretlow (Katie’s brother) was our guest this past week and his first trip to Central America proved to be definitely memorable. It started with several close encounters – including Scarlet Macaws, followed by a Fer de Lance (highly poisonous snake), Toucans, then a whale shark, Humpback whale and 16 different species of fish.

While fishing with Captain Cory, we each managed to catch some impressive Rooster fish (30, 40 and 60 pound class fish), Cubera Snapper, Yellow Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Yellowfin Tuna, Fortune Jacks, Skip Jacks, Bonita, Horse eye Jacks, a Permit and even a Popeye fish (obvious when you see the picture).

The close encounters with the Whale Shark and Humpback Whales were really special as I was fortunately prepared with my camera to capture some timely photos.  The best shots were of the Huge Humpback that leaped completely out of the water –  fairly close to our boat (see sequence shots).  Katie and Woody jumped overboard and tried to swim after the Whale Shark but it proved to be just a little too fast for them to actually hold on for a ride.

The extremely hot and dry weather has finally broke as we are having afternoon showers on a daily basis.  The grasses in the rainforest are emerald-green once again, the flowers are blooming and the prolific fruit trees are beginning to produce (Mangos, Coconuts and Bananas).

More to follow as this week we explore some new fishing spots for the elusive Pacific Snook.


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