Update from Osa Eden #5

This past week in Costa Rica I had the opportunity to capture some photos that included a few of my new neighbors, the wildlife.  They have not proven to be very cooperative in terms of posing but with perseverance and a little luck, I was able to get a few good close ups of Mr. Hummingbird, Mr. Iguana and Mr. Toucan.  The two iguana’s (one male and one female) are each about 5 feet long (including their elongated tails).  They decided to visit our pool yesterday afternoon and although I didn’t catch them swimming, they were bathing in the sun – lounging on our side benches.

On New Year’s Eve, I was able to fly the Drone along the Osa Beach adjacent to Paul Tudor Jones’s property and capture video of the fireworks show.  Whereas the video is spectacular, the still shots were just fair.  I’ve also included a few from that late afternoon as well that featured Tosh Talbot surf casting at low tide.

Next up will be another sunrise session of surf casting tomorrow, trying to get some good close up shots of Rooster fish and Snook in the surf.  Droneboy 2 will also go up and hopefully get some great aerial photos of the sunrise and Osa Peninsula.

More to follow,


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