Update from Osa Eden #7

It was a spectacular week for Ron and Betsy Burnside as they took in the complete Costa Rica experience at Osa Eden.  In addition to some great fishing off shore, we visited the town of Puerto Jimenez, explored trails in the remote rainforest, visited some exotic beaches and took in happy hour at the new Avatar Eco Lodge located just behind our home.

On our first day of fishing, Ron hooked up with a “Pitbull” 30 pound Yellowfin that had a BIG LETTER “S” on its side (S for Super fish).  After 45 minutes of a heated back and forth battle, he was finally able to bring it alongside the boat and secure it for several future Ahi Sushi dinners.

Topping that feat about an hour later, Betsy was able to land a monster Cubera Snapper in the 20-pound range.  Those two fish set us up for an entire week of dinners as well as all the Ahi Tuna Burgers we have prepared for the Superbowl party tomorrow.

Following the fishing expedition, we had a great Rainforest tour that created a close encounter of the third kind with a troupe of Spider Monkeys.

Finally, I’ve been perfecting my photography skills every morning just before sunrise, trying to capture the flight patterns of our local Hummingbird population.  I’ve figured out that it’s actually more effective to time close-up photos at the precise moment just before the birds land on one of their favorite branches near our outside deck.  It’s both a challenging and rewarding undertaking as I only get about 5 to 6 photo opportunities per hour.  That being the case, I have managed to get better photos each day as I figure out the nuances of the timing techniques.

More to follow as we have another great week of exploring and fishing scheduled on the amazing Osa Peninsula.


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